The U-701 was a Type VII-C U-boat commanded by Kaitanleutnant Horst Degen, sunk 7 July 1942 off Hatteras, North Carolina. Prior to her sinking, she successfully laid mines at the Chesapeake Bay approaches, leading to the damage or complete destruction of the Robert C. Tuttle, Esso Augusta, Kingston Ceylonite, and the Santore. Nine days after sinking the tanker William Rockefeller, the 701 was running on the surface off North Carolina. Unfortunately, the lookouts did not see the USAAF aircraft on anti-submarine patrol approaching until it was too late. The aircraft, piloted by Lt. Harry Kane, was able to drop depth charges before the 701 could make its escape. The sub sank to the bottom of the Atlantic, but some of its crew was able to escape, including Degen.

The 701 rests in the vicinity of the Diamond Shoals, an area characteristic of strong currents and high sand bottom contours. Due to the large sand “waves” found on the bottom, locating the wreck is close to impossible without the aide of a magnetometer.




Depth of wreck

115 feet

Size of wreck

Length: 218 feet

Beam: 20 feet

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