Mary Bowers


A 226 foot-long sidewheel-steamer and blockade runner, the Mary Bowers slammed full-force into the wreckage of the submerged Georgiana and sank soon thereafter. A Federal boarding party removed the bell and other items. The forward end of the starboard boiler is aligned with the starboard hull of the Georgiana, just aft of the cargo hold. Aft of the Mary Bowers’ boilers, little wreckage is found. Her port boiler has rolled out into the sand and is largely buried. Away from the Georgiana, the Bowers is relatively intact with the sides of the forward cargo hold standing up from the bottom. Heavily sanded in, not much in the way of cargo is present, though portholes have been found in this area. This wreck, along with the Georgiana was salvaged in the 1960s.




Depth of wreck

18 feet

Size of wreck

Length: 226 feet