John Morgan


Perhaps the most well known wreck off Virginia, the 7,176-ton Liberty ship sits in 110 feet after colliding with the SS Montana on its maiden voyage, June 1, 1943. The John Morgan was loaded with lend-lease cargo, which included trucks, motorcycles, P-39 airplanes, 10 Valentine tanks and tons of assorted ammunition. The most visited portion of the wreck is amidships to the stern. The bow section is a vast area of abundant wreckage, great for lobstering, though difficult to navigate. The stern is intact and canted to port, with many areas that can be penetrated and explored. Between the amidships high section and the stern, lie many of the Valentine tanks, as well as a plethora of 88mm artillery shells. The wreck is especially rewarding to dive early in the season, as large tautog, some exceeding 20 pounds, can be found on the extreme stern section.


Lat: 36 59.948 N

Long: 75 23.984 W

Depth of wreck

110 feet

Size of wreck

Length: 423 feet

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