Hydro Atlantic

DescriptionOn December 7, 1987, the Hydro Atlantic, a dredge ship, sank in a storm just one mile east of the Boca Raton Inlet. The ship was being towed to Brownsville, Texas, where it was to be salvaged. Instead, it sank in 172 feet of water.

The 320-foot long vessel sits upright and intact, a huge crane standing amidships, with one of the ships main anchors at its base. The winch is still on the bow and the engine is still in the engine room. Numerous catwalks and machinery provide many interesting swim-thrus. The engine room still contains numerous gauges and other souvenirs. The deck is found at 145 feet, heavily encrusted in colorful soft corals with masts rising to about 70 feet. With the typical good visibility, this is an incredible dive!


Lat: 26 19.467 N

Long: 80 03.043 W

Depth of wreck

172 feet

Size of wreck

Length: 320 feet