Wreck Guide Introduction

Scuba diving on shipwrecks has been around since people started diving beneath the sea. Shipwrecks offer a certain amount of mystery and lure and are invariably equated to sunken treasure. Diving on a sunken ship brings questions like: Where did the wreck come from? Did the people parish when this ship sank? What caused the wreck to sink? What’s inside the wreck? Whether the ship sank due to bad weather, navigational error, a wartime battle, or if it was sunk purposefully as an artificial reef, the lure of exploring a sunken ship is often intoxicating. Diving wrecks allows you to examine history and share an exhilarating experience with friends. Wrecks also are usually abundant with marine life of all kinds, and wrecks in cold, fresh water, such as the Great Lakes, are often well preserved.

This wreck guide provides information about wrecks in many different areas. Name of the wreck, depth, location, history, and size of the wreck are all types of information you can find for each wreck. The guide is broken up into locations, making it easy for you to find information about a wreck in your area or area you plan on visiting.

This is not a complete list of wreck dives, meaning that we will continually be adding more wrecks to the guide, so check back often for updated and new information.