The Hebe lies offshore South Carolina in the Myrtle Beach area, and can be reached from both Little River Inlet and Murrell’s Inlet. Lying in about 110 feet of water, this Portuguese freighter was sunk in a collision by the St. Cathan on April 11, 1942, as both vessels were running in blackout conditions during World War II; the St. Cathan also sunk from the collision and is a few miles away.

Composite in construction, the Hebe lays spread across a clean sand bottom, bathed by generally clear offshore waters. Portions of her cargo, beer bottles and rat poison, are spread out in the sand on the starboard side. Various sizes of brown embossed beer bottles can be found, as well as green rat poison bottles and plethora of other glass and ceramic containers. Large schools of juvenile vermillion and red snapper enshroud the wreck, with amberjack darting randomly through the wreck site, in search of a meal. Large grouper can be found amidships, hidden amongst the scattered hull plates.


Lat: 45 2371 N

Long: 59 6127 W

Depth of wreck

110 feet