A 235 foot-long sidewheel steamer in the service of the United States Navy to transport troops, the Governor foundered in a hurricane 2 November 1861. There was little loss of life, but the majority of stores and munitions that were onboard along with the 400 marines were lost in 80 feet of water. The vessel consisted of a single deck, no masts, and a square stern. The site is largely sanded in, but numerous bronze rifle butt plates, belt buckles, sword handles, and knapsack fastenings are still found buried amongst the wreckage. The site was salvaged during the 1970s, but artifacts are still recovered today by persistent divers. Storms in 1996 uncovered large areas of this wreck, revealing numerous artifacts that were previously deeply buried.




Depth of wreck

80 feet

Size of wreck

Length: 235 feet