The Frankfurt, a 476.7-foot long Wiesbaden class cruiser, was built in 1913 in Danzig, Germany. Launched in 1915 amidst World War I, she saw service until the signing of the Armistice in 1918.

Following hostilities, she was interned at Scapa Flow for the rest of 1918. On 21 June 1919, her crew attempted to scuttle the ship but failed. The Frankfurt was eventually taken over by the US Navy as a war reparation on 11 March 1920 in England. She was commissioned into the US Navy on 4 June 1920, towed to East Coast of he United States, and sunk as a target 18 July 1921 off the Virginia Capes.

The Frankfurt now rests in approximately 420 feet of water in the Southern Drill Grounds, along with several other former German warships




Depth of wreck

420 feet

Size of wreck

Length: 476 feet