Fenwick Shoal Wrecks


Not a single wreck, but the home of several broken-up and low-lying wrecks with boilers present on both the inner and outer sites. Inner Fenwick site is in 35 feet of water, with the Outer Fenwick site slightly shallower in 25 feet. The Thresham and the Brinkburn are rumored to be two of the overlapping wrecks on the shoals. There can be a stiff current and there is virtually always a surge, sometimes quite strong. This is a popular spot for spear fishing, especially with the long bottom times, and lobsters inhabit the many nooks and crannies as well. Most of the wreck is covered by bright yellow encrusting sponge and myriad starfish. On days with good visibility, divers can be seen on the bottom from the surface. Among the many inhabitants of the shoals are stingrays, tautog, sea bass, trigger fish, butterfly fish, puffer fish and the occasional stargazer or turtle.




Depth of wreck

25 to 35 feet

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