Ethel C

Sunk 16 April 1960, the Ethel C. was a Lebanese freighter that had departed New York on a transatlantic voyage when her cargo of scrap iron shifted, breaching her hull. Named after the wife of the ship’s owner, she slipped quickly beneath the surface when pumps could not keep up with the incoming water. She came to rest upright in ~190 feet of water with her wheelhouse encountered at 140 feet. The wreck is intact and impressive, though showing signs of her immersion in the corrosive ocean. Her midship wheelhouse was quickly relieved of her navigation equipment and most of her portholes. In fact, there are twisted bulkheads on the aft side of the superstructure where some impatient divers have rigged chains to rip out portholes. The stern superstructure probably would still yield the artifacts that adorned the bulkheads and living spaces.


Lat: 37 25.813 N

Long: 74 40.594 W

Depth of wreck

190 feet

Size of wreck

Length: 329 feet

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