E.M. Clark

A spectacular wreck, the 500-foot long E.M. Clark resides intact on her port side in 250 feet of water off Hatteras. The Standard Oil tanker was headed to New York carrying a load of heating oil in wartime blacked-out conditions. That did not stop the U-124 from sinking several torpedoes in her side the night of 18 March 1942. The hull reaches up to 195 feet, with her decks 90 degrees to the seafloor. Much of the superstructure has collapsed into the sand below, carrying with it portholes, cage lamps, china, and other artifacts. Both propellers are still present on the wreck and are visible during the descent, appearing as if it were a toy boat resting on the bottom due to normally high visibility. Divers have recovered the bell, portholes, a silver coffee vessel, telegraphs, and china. This is perhaps one of the most impressive wrecks in the Mid-Atlantic.


Lat: 34 51.20 N

Long: 75 32.30 W

Depth of wreck

250 feet

Size of wreck

Length: 500 feet

Beam: 68 feet