British Splendour


The British Splendour was a 441-foot long British tanker that was torpedoed by the U-552 on 7 April 1942. Her cargo of 100,000 gallons of gasoline was ignited as the fuel spilled out the hole caused by the torpedo in the port side; the tremendous explosion destroyed the aft superstructure.

The Splendour now rests in approximately 100 feet of water. A break in the high, inverted stern drops 25 feet to the bottom where the remaining wreckage is low to the bottom. Pipes and gauges litter the area as one swims forward towards the bow. Wreckage extends out into the sand on the portside. The bow is recognizable, though low to the bottom with anchor chain spilling out off the starboard side. There are many areas that can be penetrated in the stern with gauges and machinery still found amongst twisted bulkheads. Marine life abounds here, though average visibility is a bit less than at the nearby Dixie Arrow.




Depth of wreck

100 feet

Size of wreck

Length: 441 feet

Beam: 59 feet